Thursday, April 21, 2005

Splash-ING good time

Splash was ultra fun! We had, however, the misfortune to be in the venue with some company outing, making the place very crowded. Going there on a weekday would probably make the place less crowded.

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Jam wrote a good summary of the day. There was, however, a "Saturday Part 3" for some of us - we trooped back to QC to play DotA at skies. It was a series of very enjoyable 5on5 games, with me, Stormcrow, Ruben, Victor, and Oli going against Nikki, Po, Alekos, Jonas, and Aidz.

Jae has some pics from the dinner at Rico's.


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Sunday, April 10, 2005

A pleasant surprise

Stormcrow and I went to Robinson's Galleria last Thursday to shop for a swimsuit for the Splash outing (and succeeding swimming outings). After a while we decided to have lunch. We had originally planned to eat at Cravings for their unlimited salad, but a closer inspection proved it to be not so sulit. It is usually hard to find a good place to eat at in Gale, so we decided to look around for a new food experience.

The set meal (for four people – daw) at Mediterranean looked good, but the price is slightly prohibitive. Burger King looks okay, but I wasn't in the mood for burgers (we just ate at Wham! last week). We were on our way to inspect Popeye's next when we happened to glance at its neighbor's menu. This neighbor happened to be Chef d'Angelo, which specializes in chicken, pasta and pizza. Stormcrow had already expressed an interest in a chicken lunch, and the size of the servings we saw of the nearby customers was enough to interest us.

I got one of the “Chef’s Samplers”, their version of value meals, I guess. It had a nice large piece of fried chicken with mushroomy gravy, a good serving of spaghetti with tomato sauce, and a slice of pizza (with pork bits, I think) – all for only Php99! Stormcrow of course got a chicken meal – a two-piece buffalo wing affair with rice and Caesar salad for around Php160. Not bad at all, since we weren’t expecting that much from an Italian place (Stormcrow doesn’t like pasta). The only drawback to Chef D'Angelo is that it can only be found at a couple of Robinson's.

Here’s a pic of our plates, partially eaten. ^_^

Raven's meal
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Stormcrow's meal
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PS: Happy Birthday, Stormcrow!!!

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