Friday, October 08, 2004

Just a girl with a sword

"One-handed or two-handed, miss?"

"Eh?" I looked up from the orc I killed and squinted at the knight. Eager, but a little cagey.

"Is your sword one-handed or two-handed? Here, I'll let you look at my weapon if I can look at yours."

"Well okay..."

He moved closer and handed me his sword. A flamberge. A bit better than mine, but then, I wasn't a knight yet. When I tried to hand it back, he waved me away. "It's okay, go ahead and keep it!" he smiled.

I whispered to Raven. "Is this guy hitting on me?"

Raven grinned. "Yup. He's completely ignoring me."


"Hey, more orcs!" The knight ran up to them and started hitting them with his fists. Because he wanted to tank us, or because he no longer had a sword, I wasn't sure. I wasn't so comfortable about rejecting the implicit offer right after acceping his sword, so I leapt in. Raven blasted away with her magicks from behind.

After the dust cleared, the knight goes up to me again. "Dont forget to use your potions! Here, have a few!" He drops some potions in my general direction.


To make a long story short, I acted like a frigid bitch and he eventually got the message and left.

I found the entire thing profoundly disturbing. First off, although the guy was nice, his presence was wholly uncomfortable. I don't like depending on the kindness of strangers. At the same time, I couldn't "pay" him what he implicitly wanted, which is to be friends with a girl.

The thing was, it's like the value of face: I couldn't tell him to bugger off, since I didn't want to hurt the feelings of someone who was doing his best to please. Even if, in the long run, he really would be better off going away.

It's almost emotional blackmail, forcing the girl to be nice by putting her in the guy's debt. The bad thing is that (I think) it's socially unacceptable for a girl to reject a "free" gift, even if it has strings attached.

I like deals much better when the price tags are up front.

Maybe girls have the short end of the stick when it comes to courtship. It sucks if nobody is courting you, and it can still suck if someone you don't like, is.

"Guys are so weird."

The Stormcrow

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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Gashapons of the walking dead

What is a gashapon?

A gashapon is a little toy that is dispensed by little coin operated machines. I have the vague idea that they were much more common when we were kids... right now, the best I can find locally is a coin operated bouncing ball dispenser near the UP coop.

In Japan though, these things are quite popular. They can be anything, from matchbox sized firetrucks, animals, sentai, robots... or even four-inch high figurines of cute anime babes.

Gashapons are usually dispensed in opaque plastic eggs, if you get them directly from the machine. This usually means that you don't know exactly what you're getting (kinda like a booster pack). But you do know that it will be figure from a specific set of around 4-10 characters.

Here in Manila though, you'll probably be buying them by the set. They cost between 100-300 Php per fig, depending on the set and where you buy. They're very similar to the collectible figures you see being sold in blister packs, except that those didn't come from a dispenser (and are therefore potentially bigger).

I recently went to greattoys to get my first set of gasha. I saw a hot set from Vampire Saviour (aka Darkstalkers) on their forums and figured it would be a good place to start. Good thing I didn't wait for the weekend: I got the last set being sold.

Morrigan! In some variant of her costume. It looks a bit more evening dress-ish. This fig has trouble standing up straight, since her stand is unconventional.

Morrigan (again). In a leather outfit, still somewhat reminiscent of her costume. Not sure if this is one of her win poses. The whip is a nice touch.

Zabel, aka Lord Raptor. Except, it's more of lady than lord. And she has nice skin tone for a zombie. It's very cute, actually. I like this the best out of the set.

Aulbath, aka Rykuo. Again, it's a girl. And it's more of a mermaid than a saughain-type monster. Okay, it looks nothing like Aulbath. It's still a cute mermaid wearing only her hair! (Hm... maybe it's actually his girlfiend)

Finally, in case you were wondering: Gashapon is an onomatopoeic term. It represents the sound of the dispenser eating your coins and dropping an egg.

The Stormcrow

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