Monday, June 27, 2005

And we're back!

I like being a teacher, if only because I still get summer vacation. How else am I supposed to find the time to play late night DotA, and ShadowHearts (on PS2), and Magic (kinda)? Unfortunately, less work hours means less time blogging. Go figure.

Having someone call you a dead blogger can be very good motivation to prove them wrong (eventually). Which may be related to the reason why most people avoid naming the dead.


A prof has an interesting take on the Gloria thing:

"Let's say you had a student who is supposed to get a 3.0, but she cheated and so got a 1.0. And then you found out. What grade would you give her? 1.0 anyway? Or 3.0? Or 5.0?"

BUT, The problem with extralegal measures is that they promise long term benifits at the cost of short term shock. But if the long term benifits look iffy anyway, why bother?

Weatherwax would call it the difference between what's good and what's right. Have to make your stand somewhere, ne?


Fifth year anniversary coming up soon. Looking forward to dinner. Heh.


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