Wednesday, June 06, 2007


The toy launch for the Transformers movie is this saturday! W00t! Things will start as soon as Megamall opens, at the ground floor atrium area.

Now, there's something everyone should know before they watch the TF movie: It's going to be really different from the old TV series. No shrinking robots: No soundwave, no casseticons. Megatron is a jet! Starscream looks like a baboon! Prime takes off his faceplate, shows his lips! No grimlock, no devastator, no insecticons. Who the hell are Bonecrusher, Barricade and Blackout? The transformations are less blocky, more organic. The robots are a lot less human, a lot more insectlike. They are all very strange and alien, not the reassuring protectors from the 80s.

Get over all of this before you watch the movie. Just from the CG I've seen in trailers, this will be one of the best movies evar that contains cars that turn into giant robots. Sure, it forgets its roots. It's not the transformers you remember. Maybe it shouldn't have been called the transformers at all.

Get over it now. Don't let that stop you from enjoying a really well made movie about transforming robot aliens.

I'd hate to think anyone is unable to appreciate what they get, because of what they wanted.


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