Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Pat and I are getting married.

This 22nd of October.

No punchline.

We are Raven and Stormcrow.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Keep Moving

Raven keeps complaining about gas prices. Right now we figure that given the traffic on her way to work (and the *ahem* airyness of her car), it may be cheaper, faster, and just as comfortable to take the train to work.

So it struck me as kinda funny when I read this from The King of Fatties.

Gas is two dollars a gallon.
A) Gas is five dollars a gallon in most of Europe.
B) I went inside and bought a Red Bull (10 oz) for $2.09.
C) A gallon of water + sugar + coloring , aka soda, is about 5 dollars a gallon.
D) Nyquil is 5 dollars for about 6 oz's
E) I live in Vermont. The "Dairy" State. Milk costs more than 2 dollars a Gallon.
F) Oil requires a huge crew to drain it out of the earth, and then ship it thousands of miles.

I was going to try to make some sense of that, but with the dollar conversion and standard of living adjustments, I got lost. Also, damn the americans and their non-metric system!

* * * * *

I've really gotten back into Magic over the past month.

First, Raven was able to find me a copy of the old Magic: Shandalar game, the one by microprose. Apparently it's so old, it's already free. Now, despite the sucky graphics and akward interface, there's something very addictive about seeing the old art of Hypnotic Specter and Dark Ritual. Let's not beat around the bush. Magic is insanely addictive. Particularly when you don't have to pay any money to build a mox-fast deck that does third turn kills. Too bad that only took me a week.

(to be continued...)

* * * * *

Dried mangoes are pretty damn addictive too. It's just my sweet tooth, I'm sure, but all that fiber must be good for something.


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