Monday, March 20, 2006


It's been a while.

In a way, not a lot has really happened. I'm still living with the Castros, still doing the teaching and MS thing. Still waiting for the baby to appear. Still supposed to be writing my thesis. It's damn hard to concentrate!


For some reason I put all my creative energies in things other than doing what I'm supposed to do. Sometime before Xmas I looked at all the card games I had and decided to see if I could do better. For some reason my effort at a ruleset looked like it was made of 80% Rage and 20% L5R. Actually, it also reminds me strongly of Pokemon but that might be because Pokemon (looking back on it) is 50% Rage and 50% Magic. Or Ani-mayhem, which is 60% Rage and 40% Middle Earth.

So, being a resourceful guy, I cooked up a cardset on my beat-up old laptop and printed out the cards at a local photo-shop (I mean, a shop that does photographs). After a couple of runs, I realized that I had a game that ran pretty smoothly and could possibly be considered fun.

However, I also realized, somewhat belatedly, that my choice of Art Direction wouldn't be ideal for public consumption. I also thought up several ways to improve the layout and card designs. So I went back to the drawing board for a month and redid everything. In the end, Alekos' Xmas gift inspired me and I decided to theme the game after Bleach.

(to be continued...)
(no, really)

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