Monday, August 01, 2005

A negative experience

Raven and I arrived at two in the afternoon, ready to explore "the new Greenhills". Ten minutes in, and I end up spending 900 (all the money in my wallet) on a Bandai Eva girls gashapon set. Actually, I haven't looked at gashapons in half a year but this was on my old "must buy" list. So I got it. I'm a sucker!

Spent the next hour looking for a working ATM. Raven got Atelier Iris for the PS2, and I bought 102 pieces of 9th Edition basic lands... for drafting, of course. And sat down (in shoppesville) for a 35php hotdog... and a 35 php bottle of C2. What the hell?!

Eventually we meet the rest of the gang for dinner at the new Promenade building. Very reminiscent of Eastwood (insert foreshadowing) but with more airconditioning.

Ruben, Alekos, and I decide on Mexicali. Po vetoes it on the grounds that he hates mexicans. We walk around deciding where NOT to eat. When threatened with Cibo, Po decides to settle for the burritos.

Pat and I order our usual, Cheese Enchilada with Steak Burrito. Okay, this is usually where we take a picture of the food and tell you how good it is. But let me be Frank. IT SUCKED BIG TIME. The food was late. We got chicken instead of cheese. It tasted as if it were boiled and unseasoned. It felt as if it was cooked two hours before and hurriedly nuked in the microwave.

And to cap it off, our parking bill was 130php. On a Saturday. 130 for parking?!?

For me, the entire point of going to greenhills is that it's the bargain bin mall. Kinda like a Quiapo Lite. Where you can get your fill of cds, dvds, sirX and whatnot. But if this trend of upscale development continues, those days are numbered. And really, with all the more accessible alternatives, what's the point of an expensive greenhills?


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