Thursday, September 23, 2004

The catwalk and aftermath

Continued from I got game!

It was time for the catwalk. I saw 37 other cosplayers before my turn came, and by that time I was feeling the part. I posed with my parasol, then did the trademark fighting stance with the fan, then the trademark winning stance. Then practically FLEW off the stage. That was sooo freaky and weird and kinda scary as well, since the audience were really expressing their... appreciation of my costume. >.<

Just exiting my parasol pose..

Image courtesy of Hazel

The remaining six cosplayers ramped as well, then all 44 of us went back on stage for group pics. Some formed their groups (Starcraft and FFX), some performed fight scenes (KOF and Capcom), and a couple even did an impromptu rendition of FFXIII's ending. ^_^ I was asked several times to do fight scenes too, since I am also a KOF character, but my costume was not really built for vigorous movements so I just declined.

This is my favorite fight scene. Kyo is played by my brother. ^_^
Image courtesy of Hans

The announcement of the finalists was scheduled for around 8pm, so we had to wait around for that. In the interval, I got to watch the Ragnarok Juno Cosplay and the succeeding announcement of their finalists, had my pic taken by many peeps that I didn't know, chatted with old and new friends, and lingered around inside the Filcosplay booth.

Finally, the time has come for the announcement of the finalists. They were: Honey Candy, Kimari (FFX), Auron (FFX), a male ninja from a game I didn't recognize, Kunoichi (Shinobi), Quina (FFIX), Nightmare (Soul Calibur 2), a second Auron (FFX), Infested Kerrigan (SC), and Zerg Hydralisk (SC). The last three placed third, second, and first place consecutively, with the esteemed Robert Wong playing the Hydralisk. Unfortunately, I did not even get to the finals. Nevertheless I think Mai was a cosplay well done and well carried, judging from the feedback I got from my fellow cosplayers.

This is me with my wonderful Stormcrow! ^_^

Image courtesy of Chris

For pictures of the finalists, visit magnetic_rose's page. Note to the wary: prepare to be shocked! >_<


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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I got game!

The U Got Game Cosplay competition registration was scheduled to be between 1-3pm, and it was already quarter to 3 and we were still on Edsa! I was driving with Stormcrow and my youngest brother, but we had to make several stops that led to much delay. First was UP shopping center, to have my brother's images printed (a registration requirement). Then to LBC Q.Ave, to send Stormcrow's L5R package off to Visayas. Not to mention the incredibly heavy traffic on Edsa up until Guadalupe. I even made a wrong (but not so fatal) turn, instead of Roxas I went into Macarthur. -And- veered into World Trade Center instead of PTTC! >.<>.<

To be continued: "The catwalk and aftermath.."


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Friday, September 10, 2004

Gift of the Magi

"Hey mom, take a look at what I got Tiago!"

Grinning, I pulled the package out of the closet. I had gotten my brother a zoid, LigerZero(phoenix) for his thirteenth birthday. I showed my mother the box, which was about as big as a PC monitor.

"What do you think? Pretty cool eh?"

"Are you sure it's for your brother?" My mom laughingly asked. "Seems to me it might be for yourself".

And in a sense she was right. My brother was asking for ragnarok stuff for his birthday. However, I had already helped my mom buy him a bunch of pre-paid cards and a guidebook, so I figured I didn't need to give him anything on that front (although I did arrange for him to receive a few in-game items).

A friend of mine once told me something about gift giving: "Never give anything that they would have bought for themselves". It's pretty good advice. If you give something that they would have gotten themselves, it's as if you had just given cash. Useful, but not impressive. Ultimately, it's forgettable.

The best gift is something that the getter wouldn't have thought of themselves, but upon getting, they enjoy and treasure. Even better if it's something that will remind them of you when ever they look at it. In that sense, it's better to stop trying to second guess "what they really want" and just buy them something that you want to give: something that YOU think is cool.

I mentioned this theory to Raven when we were out shopping.

"So what I'm saying is, if I give what I'm interested in, it's a gift that's straight from my heart!"

Raven nodded. "I guess that's right. It's more interesting to receive a gift that's surprising too."

"Yeah. Hey, check out this command wolf! So, baby, you want a zoid for your birthday too?"

The Command Wolf I gave Raven:

Image taken by Raven

The Stormcrow


Sunday, September 05, 2004

A parable for our time

There was once a village with ten people.

It was a very small village, and ideally it should have supported only eight. However, everyone was still ok at having 80% nutrition level, even though it made them mildly unhappy. Still, they shared and shared alike.

Every so often, an 11th member would be born.. But the resulting drop in nutrition levels would cause a member to expire, so the village would go back to having ten members, at 80% nutrition level.

One day, the super-cow was invented. It survived on nothing but water but still gave off more meat than a normal cow. Everyone rejoiced at an invention that would obviously make everybody's life better.

And for a while it did. The ten people in the village each had five times the food they had before (400% nutrition). Life was good.

When an 11th member was born, food was so plentiful that the drop in nutrition levels (to 363%) was unnoticable. Finally, the village was able to increase its size!

And when the 12th (333%), and the 15th (267%), and the 25th member (160%) of the village was born, there was still more than enough food for everyone, so everyone was still happy.

When the village had its 40th member, everyone still had 100% nutrition level. Everyone was still happy.

When the 41st member was born, nutrition dropped to 97.5%. This made people slightly unhappy, but it was still above the minimum survival level, so nobody expired.

When the 50th member was born, nutrition levels were back at 80%. The way it was before.

When the 51st member was born, nutrition dropped a little too low, and someone expired. Back to 50 members. So the village had found the new stable population: 50 members, and 80% nutrition.

And in the end, everyone was back to being mildly unhappy.. except of course, now there were a lot more of them.

Technology doesn't make more people happy; it makes more unhappy people. For as long as people themselves don't change.

The Stormcrow

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