Monday, May 22, 2006


It looks like the Splash Island outing won't push through this year. There were too many people unable to go, who had to cancel, and who can't reschedule.

My deepest and sincerest apologies to those who were inconvenienced by this, and whose schedules were undoubtedly thrown into a spin. It saddens me that our get together did not push through.

Next time, party boys


Monday, May 15, 2006

Welcome To A Christian World

It's always a good time for cake


The old school gang

Refugees from a Physics camp

Four Generations

The Celebrant

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Limited Gains

Last week I mentioned something about ways to get cards for playing recursive Limited. Cracking open boxes and trading away rares is a good method, and it ranks second for me; those with the luxury of time and effort may rank it as first. You can make a profit out of opening boxes. However, spending my weekends on trading and selling cards isn't a realistic option for me, so my optimal method would be splitting a box with a tournament player.

Now, the thing about tournament players is that they value commons and uncommons very little, so generally they're happy to sell them away. In contrast, as a Limited enthusiast, I have no need of rares. Thus, it's profitable for both of us to have an asymmetric split. They get 36 rares, while I get 108 uncommons and 396 commons. Also, they're quite happy to pay for the larger part of the cost.

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Either way, when you decide to open a booster box you put yourself at the mercy of random processess. You just have to draw and hope that you get good cards.


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Sunday, May 07, 2006


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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bleach Card Game (part II)

Last month, I introduced my pet project: a Fighting Card Game. Today I'll try to go over the rules very quickly. As I said before, the system is setup similar to Rage, with combat timing that works like L5R. Let's start by looking over the cards:

Hunters have 3 stats. Let's look at Hinamori. The name of the card is the large font on the side, "Hinamori Momo". Hunter cards will also have a subtitle; in this case, Hinamori's subtitle is "Death God in Training". We can also see in her text box, that she has the "Ranged" trait, which is followed by some explainatory text.

She also has some numbers on the left side. Descending, we find that she has 10 Health, 4 Skill Level, and 6 Renown.

Health is the amount of damage she can take before she is KO'd. The higher the health, the longer she can fight.

Skill Level indicates what Combat cards she is allowed to play. In this indirect manner, this determines how much damage she can do. The higher her Skill Level, the greater her options in combat.

Renown is the cost of putting her into play. You start the game with only a fixed amount of hunters. Large Renown costs means you can have only a few Hunters.


Now let's look at a Combat card. The name of the combat card is at the top of the card; in this case, the card's name is "Basic Strike". The card's text box has a few traits: "Light Wound Action".

Combat cards have 2 stats. Damage and Skill Cost. The Damage box on the top left corresponds to the Health Slot on Hunter cards. In this case, Basic Strike deals three damage when attached.

The Skill Cost is on the top right and is a restriction on which Hunters are allowed to use the card. For Basic Strike, only Hunters with a Skill Level of 4 or higher can use this card.

"Wound" means that after this card is played, it attaches immediately to a target Hunter. "Action" means that it costs an Action to perform. "Light" means it can (sometimes) be healed at the end of your turn.


Game structure next week!


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