Wednesday, May 23, 2007

DS, Redux

In the past, I've written a bit about choosing between a DS and a PSP. I'm firmly in the camp of DS now, moreso since my sister got her own. It's really good stuff, and I think that I for one will not find a lack of good games on the system. "Gamer's games" these days being all about big graphics and fast response times, I'm quite happy to find a system where the quiet joy of a turn-based RPG has not been forgotten.

I'll get one once I've figured out what I'm actually supposed to be doing at work, apart from just dicking around on the internet. ^_^

Edit: Posts need pics! Here's a screenshot of FF3 for the DS. (Not FF6, which was released in the states as FF3 as well)


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oi tell me when you're getting one. might buy myself one as well. then we'll have a DS parteh. hehe. ~_^

hmmm... i know what i'm supposed to do at work but i'm still dicking around. kekeke. ^_____^
Lol! Po wants one as well. I'm also thinking of getting one. :P
raarr! ayoko pa!
@cels & jam: I think Lex would get one too, if we went with him to greenhills. ^_^

@niks: You just got a new PC, I'm sure you have plenty of other things to do!
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