Sunday, October 21, 2007

Exit, Stage Left

Pat has decided to do her blogging on her multiply site, so she can socialize with her work friends.

I would blog on multiply too, but it appears to lack a lot of the tools that I've gotten used to in blogger, so I guess I'll stay here. Maybe I'll mirror it on my multiply site, if I don't feel too lazy.

It sort of feels strange to stay on Raven and Stormcrow though. So I'm migrating too, over to gaebril.blogspot...


Some other guy already has dibs on that address. And he has all of four posts in his blog, over two years. Great.

Well, I can still get So, that will be the new place for me to write stuff.

See you there!


Er.. Just a small correction. Not just to socialize with my work mates. I migrated to multiply due to their ability to host other media like photos and videos. As I got my phone primarily for taking snapshots of Tesla's life, I will mainly be doing media content... so, hence multiply.

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