Sunday, October 21, 2007

Return of the Mexican

Pat and I ate at Trinoma last week... at Mexicali!

And it was pretty good, yo! Not perfect, but I'm quite happy with what we got. Jalapeno and cheese quesadilla, cheese enchilada, and steak burrito.

The burrito was the best value for money, although it was mostly stuffed with rice. The Quesadilla was actually kinda too expensive, but it was simply great.

I should remember to ask Pat to take pictures, now that she has a camera in her new phone.

Would eat at again! :p

Recently I've been eating a lot at Komoro Soba when I'm at work. I guess I haven't mentioned that one of the best things about working at HP is that it's right next to Megamall and I always have choices for lunch... well, it just so happens that the correct choice is often Komoro Soba.

I realized that after a while, I was enjoying their Kaki Age a lot more than the Katsudon. While I must assume that you know what Katsudon is, I should probably explain Kaki Age (as they serve it at megamall). Briefly put, it's tempura, except instead of seafood you put in a bunch of chopped veggies... resulting in a deepfried veggie pancake. Yum! I can actually be quite happy with two side orders of Kaki Age and a bowl of rice... a meal that should garner Alekos' approval.

Hm, between Enchiladas and Kakiage, I think I might be able to go vegetarian! :P Hm, do I smell a challenge?

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